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  Forthcoming Meet Information by Date    
  FIRST Open Meet (9-10/1/16) closed    
  SAS Junior Meet (16 - 17/1/16) closed    
  Carnegie Graded Meet (16-17/1/16) closed    
  LDD Development Meet (17/01/16) closed    
  East District Age Groups Round 3 (22/01 - 24/01/16) closed    
  Stirling Winter Swim meet (23-24/01/16) closed    
  Dyce Mini Meet - revised (31/01/16) closed    
  Grangemouth MAGS Meet (30/01/16) closed    
  Scottish Schools Championships (30/01/16) closed    
  Grangemouth JAGS Meet (31/01/16) closed    
  Glenrothes Spring Meet (6/02/16) closed    
  Silver City Blues Masters Meet (06/02/16) closed    
  Cults Otters (7/2/16) closed    
  Aberdeen 2nd Mini Meet (07/02/16) closed    
  ELST Anniversary Meet (13 - 14/2/16) closed    
  Elgin Spring Meet (13-14/02/16) closed    
  Bellshill Open Meet (13-14/02/16) closed    
  Carnegie Age Group Meet (20-21/02/16) closed    
  M&B Winter Graded Meet (20-21/2/16) closed    
  ELST Novice Meet (28/2/16) closed    
  Hearts SNAG's Last Chance Meet (28/02/16) closed    
  Edinburgh International (updated) (11-13/3/16) closed    
  North Ayrshire 200 Meet (12-13/03/16) closed    
  Cumbernauld Spring Graded Meet (12-13/03/16) closed    
  Forres Bluefins Meet (12-13/03/16) closed    
  Falkirk Otters 42nd Age Group Meet (26-27/03/16) closed    
  Portobello Mad March Meet (19-20/03/16) closed    
  Deveron Age Group Meet (19/03/16) closed    
  Warrender JAGS Meet (26-27/03/16) closed    
  Scottish National Age Groups - updated (30/03 - 3/04/16) closed    
  Midlothian Spring Meet (9-10/04/16) closed    
  Scottish National Open Masters (22-23/04/16) closed    
  Bridge of Don Time Banded Meet (23/04/16) closed    
  SAST Open Age Meet (23-24/04/16) closed    
  Alford Otters 200 Meet (24/04/16) closed    
  COAST Long Course Meet (30/4 - 1/5) closed    
  Haddington Total Swimmer Meet (1/5/16) closed    
  LDD Graded Meet (07/05/16) closed    
  Aberdeen Dolphins Novice Gala (08/05/16) closed    
  InCAS Distance Meet (14-15/05/16) closed    
  North Ayrshire Junior Meet (14-15/05/16) closed    
  Hearts Novice Meet (15/05/16) closed    
  SWL IM Tough Meet (20-22/05/16) closed    
  Midlothian Minnow Meet (21/05/16) closed    
  Alloa Junior Development Meet (21/05/16) closed    
  Alloa May Meet (22/05/16) closed    
  East District Open & Grand Prix (27-29/05/16) closed    
  Rutherglen Rascals Graded Meet (28-29/5/16) closed    
  East Kilbride LC Open Age Group Meet (3-5/06/16) closing date noon 10th May    
  Elgin Mini Meet (04/06/16) closing date 13th May    
  Dunfermline Junior Sprints Gala (04/06/16) closed    
  ELST Distance Meet (11 - 12/6/16) closing date 14th May    
  Cumbernauld Age & Senior Group Meet (11-12/06/16) closing date noon 14th May    
  Trojan Open Time Banded Meet (12/06/16) closing date 12noon 12th May    
  Hunting Trophy Meet (12/06/16) closing date 12th May    
  Dundee City Aquatics Stars of the Future (12/06/16) closing date 20th May    
  Ren 96 SC Development Graded Meet (18-19/06/16) closing date 20th May    
  Musselburgh Summer Fun Meet (19/06/16) closing date noon 20th May    
  Upper Deeside Junior Graded Meet (19/06/16) closing date noon 10th May    
  Aquanauts 15th Graded Meet - amended (25/06/16) closing date noon 25th May    
  Scottish National Open Championships (30/06 - 3/07/16) closing date 2pm 8th June    
  Scottish Summer Meet (15-17/07/16) Entries open on 8th June 2016    
  Cumbernauld Autumn Graded Meet (20-21/08/16) closing date noon 23rd July    
  Dunedin Challenge Meet (27-28/08/16) closing date noon 2nd August    
  Bridge of Don 18th Splash (03/09/16) closing date 6th August    
  Aquanauts Mini Meet (10/09/16) closing date noon 10th August    
  InCAS Novice & Open Sprint Meet (17-18/09/16) closing date noon 22nd August    
  Westhills Minnows Meet (17/09/16) closing date noon 26th August    
  Hearts Premier Meet (08-09/10/16) closing date noon 16th September    
  Glenrothes Novice Autumn Meet (08/10/16) closing date 15th September    
  Aberdeen Nifty Fifties (30/10/16) closing date 23rd September    
  Fauldhouse Eian Prentice Memorial Gala (05/11/16) closing date noon 5th October    



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