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Nth Ayrshire Distance Meet (30-31/08/14)

Dunedin Challenge Meet (30-31/08/14)

Cumbernauld Autumn Graded (23-24/08/14)

S G National Age Grp Champs June 2014

Aquanauts 13th Annual Graded (22/06/14)

Ren96 SC Development Meet (22/06/14)

Brodies Schools Relays (11/06/14)

Trojan Time Band Gala (08/06/14)

Peterhead Mini Meet (07/06/14)

SASA North District Grand Prix (2014)

Dumfries Accredited Time Trial (01/6/14)

Rutherglen Rascals Meet (31/5-1/06/14)

InCAS Distance Meet (31/5-01/06/14)

Alloa Open Meet (24-25/05/14)

Fife Performance 124 Meet (24-25/05/14)

NEASCA Age Groups 2014

Midland Dist Distance Meet (16-18/05/14)

SWL 'IM' Tough Meet (16-18/05/14)

Midlothian Minnows Meet (17/05/14)

Hearts Novice Gala (11/05/14)

LDD Annual Graded Meet (11/05/14)

Fife Leagues 4 (11/05/14)

Fife Leagues Novice 4 (11/05/14)

West Dist LC Chamionships (10-11/05/14)

Ythan Annual Meet (10/05/14)

Lothian Leagues Round 3 (10/05/14)

Haddington Total Swim Meet (04/05/14)

Nth Ayrshire Junior Meet (03-04/05/14)

Carnegie So Long Meet (03-04/05/14)

Fife Leagues Round 3 (27/04/14)

Fife Novice Leagues Round 3 (27/04/14)

Alford Otters 2nd 200 Meet (27/04/14)

Dumfries Dols Graded Meet (26-27/04/14)

S.Ayrshire Open A/Grp Meet (26-27/04/14)

Midlothian Spring Meet (26-27/04/14)

FIRST Annual Open Meet (19-20/04/14)

Buckie Age Group Meet (19-20/04/14)

Scot Gas Masters Champs (18-19/04/14)

Lothian Leagues Round 2 (12/04/14)

Scottish Gas National Open (03-06/04/14)

Ren 96 Graded Meet (22-23/03/14)

Warrender JnrA/G Open Meet (22-23/03/14)

Glenrothes Spring Meet (22/03/14)

Fife Leagues 2 (16/03/14)

Fife Novice Leagues 2 (16/03/14)

Portobello Mad March Meet (15-16/03/14)

WCDX Spring Graded Meet (15-16/03/14)

Dundee C A Mini Meet (09/03/14)

Milngavie & B Winter Meet (08-09/03/14)

Lothian Leagues Round 1 (08/03/14)

Brodies Schools Champs (07/03/14)

West Dist SAG LC Champs (01-02/03/14)

Midland LC A/G Open Champs (01-02/03/14)

East District Challenge (01-02/03/14)

Fife Leagues Novice1 (23/02/14)

Fife Leagues Meet 1 (23/02/14)

Elgin Spring Meet (15-16/02/14)

Cults Otter Novice Gala (09/02/14)

West Dist JAG LC Champs (08-09/02/14)

Peterhead Graded Age Grp Meet (08/02/14)

East Dist Open SASA GP (31/01-01/02/2014)

North Ayrshire 200 Meet (01-02/02/14)

Grangemouth Jags Meet (02/02/14)

Grangemouth Mags Meet (01/02/14)

Lothian Club Champs (28/01/14)

Lothian Telfer Cup (28/01/14)

South Ayrshire Mini Meet (26/01/14)

SDS Regional Dev Champs (25/01/14)

Livingston Development Gala (19/01/14)

Carnegie Graded Meet (18-19/01/14)

East Dist Age Groups (11-12 Jan14)

SAS Junior Meet (11-12 Jan14)


Scottish National Team Champs (27/09/14)
Entry by Invitation to top 10 teams from
National Open and National Age Groups

Scottish National S.C. Champs (12-14/12/14)
closes noon 18th November-
Entry Files - Summary Sheet

COAST Grand Prix (14-16/11/14)
closing date 17th October- TM Events File
< Click here for Date Order >

East District SC Time Trial (04-05/10/14)
closing date noon 3rd September

East District Age Groups (2014-2015)
closing dates as published

East District Masters (22/11/2014)
closing dates noon 22nd October

On line Entry file

North Dist Open (04-05/10/14)
closing date 5th September- TM Events File

Hearts Premier Age Group Meet (11-12/10/14)
closing date noon 17th September

Alford Otters 5th 100 Meet (25/10/14)
closing date 26th Sept -
TM Events File

Forres Bluefins Mini Meet (11/10/14)
closing date 19th Sept -
TM Events File

Lothian Graded Meet (08/11/14)
closing date noon 9th October

SAST Sue McClure Graded Meet (05/10/14)
closes 12th Sept - Doc 2
- TM Events File

Stonehaven Sants Elves Meet (07/12/14)
closing date 9th Nov -
TM Events File

N. Ayrshire Development Meet (20-21/09/14)
closing date 4th September

Ren 96 SC Open Meet (08-09/11/14)
closing date 10th October

Westhill Minnows Meet (20/09/14)
closing date 29th August - TM Events File

Cumbernauld Winter Open (29-30/11/14)
closing date noon 1st November - TM Events File

Dundee City Aqua Autumn Meet (25-26/10/14)
closing date 5th October - TM Events File

Hamilton Baths Graded Meet (04/10/14)
closing date 6th September - TM Events File

Buckie Mini Meet (08/11/14)
closing date 3rd October - TM Events File

Alloa Graded Meet (25-26/10/14)
closing date 27th September

Stirling Autumn Meet (20-21/09/14)
closing date noon 10th September

Bo'ness 18th Annual Winter Meet (05/10/14)
closing date 7th September

N.Ayrshire Distance Meet (30-31/08/14)

Kelso 4th Annual Gala (06/09/14)

Haddington 100s Meet (14/09/14)
closing date minight 22nd August

Iain Macfadyen Memorial Gala (06/09/14)

Carnegie Winter Meet (25-26/10/14)
closing date noon 24th September

Aquanauts October Mini Meet (19/10/14)
closing date noon 24th September

Carnegie Mini Meet (23/11/14)
closing date noon 22nd October

Fauldhouse Penguins JAG Gala (09/11/14)
closing date 1pm 16th October
- TM Events File

Dunedin Challenge Meet (30-31/08/14)

InCAS Sprint Meet (27/09/14)
CANCELLED - Same day as National Leagues


Carnegie Graded Meet (17-18/01/15)
closing date noon 17th Dec 2014

LDD Development Meet (18/01/15)
closing date 5th Dec 2014

Carnegie 'So Long' Meet (03-03/05/15)
closing date noon 1st April









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